Natural Gas

Protecting the Environment

Natural gas is the cleanest source of primary energy , renewable after . The sizes of the emitted pollutants are significantly lower compared to conventional fuels , while improving efficiency reduces overall fuel consumption and therefore reduce air pollution .

saving energy

With the substitution of electricity from natural gas , mainly in the residential and commercial uses will avoid conversion losses in electricity and in transport. The use of natural gas combined cycle units will significantly increase the efficiency of electricity production in 52-55 % vs. 35-40 % of conventional power stations . Due to the ” purity ” of the combustion products of natural gas , this can be directly used in certain industrial applications without interference alternators which result in energy losses .

Reducing dependence on oil

The use of natural gas will have significant positive effects on the structure of the energy balance of the country , and a will reduce our dependence on oil.

Boosting employment

The expanded use of natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial sector contributes effectively to tackle unemployment by creating new jobs and skills in the labor market .

Benefits from the use of natural gas in the residential and commercial sector

• It is the most economical energy.
• It leads to a rapid return on investment
• The measurement is accurately
• The invoice is payable after consumption
• No storage space

Natural Gas at Home

More than 50 million households in Europe and more than half of American households enjoy everyday conveniences , autonomy , security and economy offered by the permanent and stable supply of natural gas :

• heating , without dependencies and with a steady supply under the absolute control your

• cooking without waiting time and direct regulation of temperature,

• in hot water, when you want , where and when you want it

• and many other household operations ,

• a series of new products such as clothes dryers , fireplaces and barbecues .
And all with a simple and quick way to connect with a comparatively low financial outlay made ​​off .

Key advantages of natural gas in the residential sector :

• Autonomy , immediacy and speed ,

• Stable and permanent supply without dependencies ,

• Safety in use, no odor , noise and pollutants ,

• Easy and simple installation equipment cleanliness and economy areas ,

• Longer life of appliances and equipment with higher efficiency and lower maintenance costs , no additional costs to the smooth function ( tanks , pumps , preheaters , etc.)

• Economy after just charged as used . No prepaid such as oil ,

• It is cheaper than oil and is considerably cheaper than electricity .

Natural gas companies in the tertiary sector

Hotels and hospitals , educational institutions , sports and cultural centers, large office buildings , recreational areas , malls and shops can now use natural gas for space heating , hot water , cooking and other specialized tasks , exploiting the incomparable benefits and achieving significant economies of scale and absolute functionality .

Even a number of professionals will find in the natural gas cost solution to the daily needs of their businesses . Bakeries, restaurants , pastry shops , workshops silversmith , washers and dryers , garages and paint ovens are included in the long list of consumers of natural gas .

Key Benefits of Natural Gas in the tertiary sector :

• Continuous and lack of involvement with orders and deliveries of fuel.

• Ability operating current premises ( tanks ) .

• Aesthetic integrity , increased cleanliness of premises and equipment .

• Reduced maintenance , rational use of energy , reduce operating costs , economy .

• Longer equipment life , higher performance.


PUBLICATION : anko-tech