Alternative fuel Nothing futuristic, but a real opportunity to reduce fuel consumption for transport vehicles currently in circulation by 15%: it’s the Dual Fuel system, developed by an Italian company, Ecomotive Solutions Massimo Lanari LNG’s arrival in Italy could soon result in a real revolution for the Italian road transport sector. And we’re not talking […]

  • Dual-Fuel HD Vehicle Trial Opens Door in Greece

    In 2014 Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company and specialist in engine recalibrations, succeeded in transforming a first truck in Greece into a dual-fuel (natural gas + diesel) vehicle thanks to its d-gid platform, opening up a new market for natural gas in the country. After careful assessments of operating results obtained on the road in […]

  • Θεσμοθέτηση του dual-fuel

    Oι όροι και οι προϋποθέσεις μετατροπής αυτοκινήτων με πετρέλαιο σε φυσικό αέριο καθορίστηκαν με απόφαση που υπέγραψε ο Υφυπουργός Υποδομών, Μεταφορών και Δικτύων, κ. Μιχάλης Παπαδόπουλος. Η συγκεκριμένη απόφαση επεκτείνει τη δυνατότητα χρήσης του φυσικού αερίου σε αυτοκίνητα που χρησιμοποιούν ως καύση το πετρέλαιο και κυρίως σε βαρέα οχήματα φορτηγά  και λεωφορεία . Σύμφωνα με […]

  • Natural Gas

    Protecting the Environment Natural gas is the cleanest source of primary energy , renewable after . The sizes of the emitted pollutants are significantly lower compared to conventional fuels , while improving efficiency reduces overall fuel consumption and therefore reduce air pollution . saving energy With the substitution of electricity from natural gas , mainly […]

  • Heating with heat pumps: function, benefits and costs

    Heat pumps are a heating solution for household and industrial scale that is attracting more and more attention in recent years . What is the heat pump The heat pump is the device that draws heat energy from a hot reservoir ( referred to as source ) located in a low temperature sink (usually air […]

  • “Saving at Home”

    Saving energy in buildings. The buildings sector and transport are the biggest consumers of energy in the country. The buildings in Greece are responsible for approximately 36 % of total energy consumption and , in 2000-2005 , increased their energy consumption by about 24% , one of the highest increases in Europe . One of […]

  • How much energy is consumed by households in Greece? Research

    The Greek Statistical Authority conducted for the first time , during the period October 2011 – September 2012 , the Survey of household energy consumption , which collected information on energy consumption and consumption levels for different uses (heating – cooling , hot water , cooking , lighting , etc. ) in the residential sector […]